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MFA Final Review – Fall 2015


Exhibition: MFA Final Review (2015) Location: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Zine Show

Zine Show


Exhibition: Zine Show (2014) Location: Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham, MA Curators: Pat Falco and Elliott Anderson

Exhibiting Artists: Abbeth Russell, Anna Jo Beck, Audrey Collins, Brian Butler, Caitlin Duennebier, Charlotte & Skye, Dave Mahan, Dave Ortega, Diana Clarke, E.K. Harper, Elaine Bay, Evoker, Greg Lamarche, Jared Friedman & Ben Mosca, Maria Molteni, Mr. Never, Papee Thirawat, Rachel Stanton, Raul Gonzalez III, Rory Hamovit, RPBink, Scott Bakal, Studio For Interrelated Media, Tim McCool, Trifecta Editions

Practice: Artist Educators

Practice: Artist Educators


Exhibition: Practice: Artist Educators (2013) Location: Arnheim Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

Exhibiting Artists: Charlene Xu, Curtis Grynkewicz, Diana Clarke, Jessica Khamarji, Reid MacPherson


Slowness Press Release

Exhibition: Slowness (2013) Location: Howard Arts Project, Dorchester, MA Curator: Chris Ford

Alter-Ego II: a photographic exploration of all things not digital

Exhibition: Alter-Ego II: a photographic exploration of all things not digital (2012) Location: Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA Curator: Greer Muldowney Photo Credit: All photos courtesy Frank Armstrong

A Private Glimpse

Exhibition: A Private Glimpse (2011) Location: Rubin-Frankel Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA Jurors: Emily Corbato, artist and resident scholar at Brandeis University; Harold Reddicliffe, Associate Professor of Art at Boston University; Stuart Steck, Assistant Professor of Art History and Critical Studies at Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University

By Hook or By Crook

Exhibition: By Hook or By Crook (2010) Location: Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham, MA Curators: Pat Falco and Elliott Anderson Photo Credit: All photos courtesy Lincoln Arts Project