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Troublemaker series

Troublemaker #1

Title: Troublemaker #2 (2017) Medium: mattress bag and plastic wrap

Troublemaker #2

Title: Troublemaker #3 (2017) Medium: mattress bag and plastic wrap

Title: Troublemaker #1 (2017) Medium: mattress bag and plastic wrap

Fat Flatfile


Title: Fat Flatfile (2016) Medium: paper and plastic

untitled (bucket towers)


Title: untitled (2016) Medium: paper


Title: Float (2016) Medium: paper, latex, helium

MFA Final Review – Fall 2015


Exhibition: MFA Final Review (2015) Location: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Title: untitled (2015) Medium: paper

Tired Cabinet

Title: untitled (2015) Medium: paper



Title: untitled (2015) Medium: plastic, water, electrical tape

installation view

Seven Pictures a Day series

Title: Seven Pictures a Day, Version Three (2014) Medium: 441 paper pinhole negatives; plastic sleeves Dimensions: approx. 2.5′ x 22.25’ (individual negatives measure 3 in x 3 in)

Title: Seven Pictures a Day, Version Two (2014) Medium: 441 archival inkjet prints made from GP3 120 film developed with caffenol; baltic birch plywood Dimensions: approx. 2.5′ x 16.5’ (individual photos measure 6 cm x 9 cm)

Title: Seven Pictures a Day, Version One (2011) Medium: 147 archival inkjet prints made from paper negatives taken with seven handmade pinhole cameras; baltic birch plywood Dimensions: 2’3” x 6’11” (individual photos measure 3” x 3”)

999 Pictures (that I am in)

Title: 999 Pictures (that I am in), 2013-14 Medium: 999 archival inkjet prints made from 35mm film Dimensions: variable (individual photographs measure 4 in x 6 in)

Version Three

Finishing up some newly redesigned pinhole cameras for the final(?) project in my Seven Pictures a Day series.

Zine Show

Zine Show


Exhibition: Zine Show (2014) Location: Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham, MA Curators: Pat Falco and Elliott Anderson

Exhibiting Artists: Abbeth Russell, Anna Jo Beck, Audrey Collins, Brian Butler, Caitlin Duennebier, Charlotte & Skye, Dave Mahan, Dave Ortega, Diana Clarke, E.K. Harper, Elaine Bay, Evoker, Greg Lamarche, Jared Friedman & Ben Mosca, Maria Molteni, Mr. Never, Papee Thirawat, Rachel Stanton, Raul Gonzalez III, Rory Hamovit, RPBink, Scott Bakal, Studio For Interrelated Media, Tim McCool, Trifecta Editions

untitled, issue no. 1

Title: untitled, issue no. 1 (2014) Medium: Ink on newsprint, Compact Disc, packaging Dimensions: 180 x 260 mm (16 pages) Edition: 99

Playing with piles

This was a test for a project that is in the planning stages. I turned my living room into studio space for a few moments while I tested out filling the space with a pile of index cards – my way of sketching in real time. Now that I have a sense of size and space I can move forward – super psyched!

Nikon L35AF test shots

So, so excited to use this camera in an upcoming project. These are color test shots for a series of photos I’ll be starting soon – my first venture into color film (which I’ll be trying to develop in my trusty home darkroom [which doubles as my bathroom]).

This is a Nikon L35AF, a fully automatic 35mm film camera that hearkens back to the glorious 80s. So many things new I’ll be trying in this next project!

Bencini Koroll II color test shots

These were just a few of the results from some color test shots. I came upon the Bencini Koroll II and fell in love with its split frame capabilities – not for the split frame itself but because it quite literally gives me twice the number of images from a single roll of film. This is important and practical when you are intending on making 441 pictures total, which can get expensive on 120 film…

I used this camera (though not this film – I ended up opting for b&w) for my nearly-completed Seven Pictures a Day, Version Two project.

Practice: Artist Educators

Practice: Artist Educators


Exhibition: Practice: Artist Educators (2013) Location: Arnheim Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

Exhibiting Artists: Charlene Xu, Curtis Grynkewicz, Diana Clarke, Jessica Khamarji, Reid MacPherson


Slowness Press Release

Exhibition: Slowness (2013) Location: Howard Arts Project, Dorchester, MA Curator: Chris Ford

Alter-Ego II: a photographic exploration of all things not digital

Exhibition: Alter-Ego II: a photographic exploration of all things not digital (2012) Location: Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA Curator: Greer Muldowney Photo Credit: All photos courtesy Frank Armstrong

A Private Glimpse

Exhibition: A Private Glimpse (2011) Location: Rubin-Frankel Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA Jurors: Emily Corbato, artist and resident scholar at Brandeis University; Harold Reddicliffe, Associate Professor of Art at Boston University; Stuart Steck, Assistant Professor of Art History and Critical Studies at Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University

By Hook or By Crook

Exhibition: By Hook or By Crook (2010) Location: Lincoln Arts Project, Waltham, MA Curators: Pat Falco and Elliott Anderson Photo Credit: All photos courtesy Lincoln Arts Project

Day Boxes series

Title: Day Boxes, Version Two (2011) Medium: book board; linen; additional mixed media Dimensions: individual boxes measure 2” x 2”

Title: Day Boxes, Version One (2010) Medium: book board; linen; additional mixed media Dimensions: individual boxes measure 2” x 2”

Eleven Pictures of One Day

Title: Eleven Pictures of One Day (2010) Medium: 11 inkjet prints made from paper negatives taken with eleven handmade pinhole cameras (positives, negatives, and cameras used are all displayed); paper pinhole cameras; book board Dimensions: individual photos measure 7/8” x 7/8”


Three Days

Title: Three Days (2010) Medium: paper; book board; linen; paint


Everything that I own (in progress…)

Title: Everything that I own (in progress…), (ongoing since 2009) Medium: book board; linen; ink on paper Dimensions: individual drawings measure 5.5” x 8.5